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reportedly been acquitted and released. welcome, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. breaking development coming from the american center for law and justice. pastor sentenced to death by iran simply for being a christian. he was in prison for three years and waiting execution for refusing to renounce his faith. his ordeal drawing international attention and condemnation. leland vitter has more. >> reporter: for a while. he was just thought to be hours away from being executed for refusing to renounce his christian faith and also refusing to say that he would take back his muslim faith. now, we are told that he has been released and with his family. this all began back in 2009 when he was arrested for converting from being a muslim to being a christian. in iran that is something that carries the death penalty. in 2010 he was convicted and sentenced to death and in iran, executions can happen very quickly, just with a few hours notice. at that point he became a cause celeb. he was focus of a big twitter campaign and also the united states congress weighed in asking fo
bream. we love to hear your thoughts. gregg jarrett and heather childers is going to take it from here. thanks for watching fox news, where we report and you decide. >> gregg: i'm degrees generator. glag glad you are with us. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. go to the news, democrats start arriving for their big convention in charlotte. and fox news is there. we'll have a live report from there and we'll find out what both presidential campaigns are doing today. >> gregg: as the drew peterson case reaches the final stages our legal panel is here to weigh in on explosive testimony from a defense witness that might have been hand picked by the prosecutors. >> heather: one of the most controversial and influential religious leaders has died. we'll take a look back at his of reverend moon. >> gregg: a mandatory evacuation is lifted in louisiana but emergency officials say the threat of flooding from hurricane isaac is not over yet. their concern about a lock along the pearl river. if it does, that could send even more floodwaters rushing into dozens of ne
. >> gregg: we begin with a fox news alert out of libya n. a new round of violence. a mob of protestors taking the streets in benghazi taking their anger militia they blame on the attacks on the american consulate there. >> gregg: welcome, i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: several protestors are dead and dozens of others are wounded as they force the group to flee benghazi headquarters. militia commanders deny responsibility for the attack that killed america's ambassador christopher stevens along with three others. greg palkot is streaming live from tripoli with the very latest. >> reporter: just a while ago we spoke with an aide to the libyan president and they are gratified what is happening in benghazi. they want to bring order. now, they are trying to rein in the public's anger. according to one of our contacts on the ground as many as ten people have been killed, maybe 70 people injured. that is when a peaceful rally in benghazi turned violent. that is when various militia compounds were hit. targeted group, you folks have mentioned. a group suspected of having a strong tie to the ki
. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. president obama is looking for support in the state of iowa. congressman paul ryan is doing a joint rally in jacksonville, florida. after stopping in ohio, governor romney is looking to hold on to the spotlight following the republican party convention in tampa. in cincinnati he slammed president obama for not keeping his promise to fix a broken economy. >> one of the promises he made he was going to create more jobs and to to date, 23 million people are out of work or stopped looking for work. let me tell you if you have a coach that is zero and 23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. >> gregg: steve is live in jacksonville, florida. >> reporter: so it will be romney and ryan giving special attention to the jacksonville area, much like they did to the cincinnati area a week ago to share joint appeal there. earlier today as you pointed out romney was in the cincinnati area laying out the case and in the middle of the remarks or toward the end he was talking about the different things including one about unity. >> this is time for us to come together a
follow balm. keep it right here on fox news channel. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glas glad you are with us. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping nuitsd, slow and confused, inconsistent some of the heavy criticism coming down on the white house today over handling of the benghazi consulate attack investigation. we'll have a live report. >> gregg: and first monday in october is tomorrow and the u.s. supreme court is set to deal with red hot controversial cases on the docket. we'll get you details. >> heather: and some amazing american warriors have just crossed the finish line after marathon bike ride for the families of fallen service members. we have covered this from the very beginning. we'll take you live to ground zero. >> gregg: we begin with the countdown to a possibly pivotal al moment to the white house. in three days, romney and president obama will be squaring off in their first debate. today both candidates stepping off the campaign trail to try to get ready. a big shift in the polls may hinge in the out come. latest real clear politi
. added only 96,000,000 jobs. i'm bill hemmer in -- gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. >> i'm heather chilledder gregg: this latest report after the president's acceptance speech at the democratic national convention last night. here to talk about it, stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company" on the fox business note work. white house will claim, look, the total unemployment number came down a little bit. what say you? >> i say this is a flat-out bad report on the state of the economy. america simply is not at work. for every every job created last month, four people dropped out of the workforce. we have lower proportion of people actually working, who are actually working in the last 32 years. 368,000. that's the number to watch. 368,000 people just quit. no longer even looking for work. they are not part of the workforce. that is the reason why the unemployment rate went down. but you've got to balance that, i mean the politicians will no doubt spin the lower unemployment rate but you must balance that fence a much smaller workforce. large numbers of people giving up hope in despa
you again next week. >> gregg: this fox news alert. new questions about a deadly attack on a military base in afghanistan that left two u.s. marines dead, several other troops wounded and the taliban now claiming responsibility for the assault on camp leatherneck. that is southern helmand province, to avenge an anti-muslim film produced in the united states. welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm header childers. u.s. na to have coalition say insurgents surged the embassy last night. how did the militants get past all that security to begin with. conner is live in kabul with the latest. >> reporter: this is one of more serious breaches we've seen in afghanistan. it's not clear how they got in the outer rim of security into the camp leatherneck area. they say at least 17 taliban fighters breached the outer perimeter of security. once they were inside they launched a massive attack on the camp. this is a camp where there are more than 10,000 u.s. marines and british troops including prince harry is also stationed there. the attack lasted for some
's newsroom" gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. bill is on assignment. martha: in peshawar mobs ransacking and torching a movie theater before police opened fire on the crowds. reports are that one person was killed. rick leventhal is in the region reporting live from jerusalem. rick, let's start with the latest from pakistan. >> reporter: martha, pakistani government declared love for the prophet today and encouraged people to protest peacefully. that was ignored. violence is rupted among many cities including karachi and peshawar where hundreds of demonstrators ransacked two movie theaters and setting them on fire clashing with police who tried to break up the crowd. the police opened fire hitting a van from a pakistani police station killing the driver. a number of police officers were also hurt in these clashes. the pakistani government actually shut down mobile cell service in 15 cities across the country today to try to prevent militants from using phones to set off bombs. apparently that, wooed farce we know, martha. martha: big concerns for the u.s. in this region and we understand there are ne
: that is a wrap. thanks to our panel. i'm rick folbaum. keep it right here on fox news channel. >> gregg: we begin with a fox news alert. new fallout over the obama administration's changing narrative of those deadly attacks on our consulate in libya. in the middle of the growing storm, squarely is the u.s. ambassador is the united nations susan rice. almost two weeks ago she claimed the assault was a spontaneous protest that spun out of control. white house officials admitting it was a coordinated terrorist attack. speaking earlier on fox news, peter king says rice should step down over this. >> the person that was out there. the person that was going to get all the glory, all the morning shows was ambassador rice. to send a clear message to the world and to american people this will not be tolerated, she should resign but also should investigate and find out how high up this went. >> gregg: welcome to a brand-new hour. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. a new debate rages in washington. what did white house officials know and when did they know it. demand for answers into the s
and find out how high up this went. >> gregg: welcome to a brand-new hour. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. a new debate rages in washington. what did white house officials know and when did they know it. demand for answers into the shifting accounts coming not just from republicans but lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. attack in benghazi that left four americans dead, including chris stevens, ambassador to libya. molly henneberg is live in washington. >> molly: the white house and state department are defending ambassador susan rice. a spokesman for barack obama says she has done extraordinary work for the american people. also democratic senator john kerry called rice, quote a remarkable public servant and state department put out a statement defending rice's comments to those sunday shows. the statement said, quote, at every turn, ambassador rice said she was providing the best information and best assessment that the administration had at the time. based on what was provided to ambassador rice and other senator senior intelligence committee but they knew one da
the latest on this case a little later on this hour. gregg: this just in. a terrifying scene in louisville, kentucky. a bus with students. 47 people taken to the hospitals. good news. minor injuries. our affiliate is learning that the bus was hit by a car that skidded off a wet road and the impact caused the bus to overturn. that car, driven by a high school student may have been speeding before the crash. two people inside the car suffering nonlife-threatening injuries. quite a day already. right now, brand new stories and breaking news. jenna: new political fallout from the president's handling of the attack in benghazi that left four americans dead. we should say four americans murdered. senator lindsey graham joins us live with his take how this story has developed. >>> horrifying accounts as a gunman opens fire at a minneapolis office. five people are dead. the latest on a devastating workplace shooting. >>> plus, the investigation into the cause of a fiery plane crash that killed 19 people. it's all new, it's all live. it's "happening now." jenna: and we start with some politics. top
. i'm jenna lee. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for john -- jon scott. we're looking at brand new poll numbers that the fight for president obama and mitt romney remains close days away from the first presidential debate. "wall street journal" marist poll showing the president has a seven point edge in new hampshire and smaller two point lead in north carolina and nevada. that is within the poll's margin of error. meantime new "fox news" polling showing governor romney is losing some ground to president obama among likely voters nationwide. the president, now leading, compared to how things stood before the conventions, when governor romney held a slight edge. joining me now to talk about it with his take, stephen hayes, columnist for "the weekly standard." so since the convention, steven, you know the president has increased his overall lead by five points, yet huge numbers of likely voters, want to show you this, 73%, think that many policies need to change. how is it possible, i mean that's a big number, 73%. how is it possible that an incumbent leads when so many voters want change
. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. keep it here on fox news >>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glad you are with us. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news, hundreds of anti-american protestors break through a barricade at u.s. consulate in pakistan. who is behind all these uprising answers from a top ambassador. >> and afghan police officer turning his gun on nato troops in southern afghanistan and fox news has now confirmed the four service members killed in the ambush were all americans. >> heather: plus turmoil in the middle east prompting a hard line over israel in possibility of a nuclear iran. we 6 live reaction from the streets of jerusalem. >> gregg: we began with brand-new details on the investigation into an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that claimed the lives of four americans including the ambassador to libya, chris stevens. interim president is tuesday's raid was pre-meade at a time act of violence. now that is claim that the u.s. ambassador to the united nations disputes. take a listen. >> best
. >>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news we have brand-new details about the investigation into the deadly u.s. consulate attack. we have reports from tripoli and washington. >> gregg: plus why one school system ban add time honored event between fathers and daughters. our legal panel weighs in on the controversial decision. >> heather: and hundreds of firefighters are battling massive wildfires in washington state. we will tell you if the weather will work for them or against them. >> gregg: but we begin with the race for the white house. governor mitt romney is on his way to colorado after doing some time, fund-raising in southern california. now, the first step in what his advisors are calling, quote, an intense battleground state schedule. tonight he will have the space to himself in the state that will help decide who wins the presidential contest. chief political correspondenterm l.a. how is this debate here in california or at least the contest important? >> reporter: for californi
. they were popular. >>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping news. congress goes back in session tomorrow after a five-week break but will they manage to get anything done before election day? we'll take a look at what is on their plate. >> gregg: a brutal day in violence in iraq, 80 people killed in attacks over the last 24 hours alone. we'll get the latest. >> heather: pink slips are about to be given out to hundreds of u.s. sailors. now uncle sam wants to give them the boot. all the details straight ahead. >> gregg: we began with the presidential candidates making the final big push to november and with the race so very close, governor mitt romney and president obama are picking up the pace now and taking no votes for granted. take a look at latest daily tracking poll from real clear politics. it shows president obama leading romney 47.8 to 46.2% well within the margin of error. governor romney taking to the airwaves and he was talking about the tax cuts and week job numbers. >> my tax policy is designed to find a way to en
, can i have a motion? gregg's moved. greg second. >> moved and seconded. all in favor? consent calendar passes. item #9. >> authorize the general manager to execute an impact agreement with north star short -- solar, or acquiring north stars solar to pay the mitigation impacts to interconnection of north star's generating connection to the grade and authorizing them to enter into substantial agreements with other projects. >> commissioners, you have in the packet you receive today revised resolution for item 9. >> i'm the assistant general manager for water, again. this is one of the agreements that we will potentially be entering into over the next several months or year or two for projects that are proposed to generate electricity in connection to the transmission grid under the new regulatory system. there's a lot of concern about how new projects might disrupt the grid. people have to be able to protect their systems from any disruption that happens from news sources coming into the grid. we have currently worked with about 15 developers for about 41 different projects that might ha
from america's election headquarters, i'm gregg jarrett. libya's president reportedly saying 50 people have been arrested with last week's assault on the consulate. chris stevens among four americans killed when protestors stormed the compound allegedly angry over an anti-muslim film produced in the united states. >>> we could soon learn whether chicago school teachers will be back on the job tomorrow. they are expected to voted to approve a proposed contract deal. union leaders and school officials are trying to finalize that agreement. it would give teachers a raise but require tougher evaluations. teachers walked off the job leaving 350,000 students in limbo. i'm gregg jarrett. now back to fox news watch. we'll see you at the top of the hour on american election headquarters. >>> wait there is still time. i say wait for what? >> wait until when? those international community that refuse to put red lines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before islam. >> jon: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu striking back against the white house and those unwilling to
because he is the sheriff and he has that authority, or something to that effect? gregg's ms. lopez -- >> ms. lopez never testified to that. she testified to the opposite, which is what made the statement admissible. ms. williams made declarations, and it is also in the video, that he is very powerful. he said he can take away theo and that he is very powerful. >> it is your position that by saying he is powerful that it implies that he will use his power as an elected official and we should implied that he will use the power of his elected office to try to take custody of his child. or exert force over his wife. >> that is what ms. lopez said she understood it as. >> where is that testimony? >> there are two things. one is a testimony that she sent -- of a text message that she sent st., "use your power." she said that in her testimony. she understood her -- his power, and it is in circumstantial evidence as to what he meant when he said he was very careful. -- powerful. ili am happy to give specific e reverences' after i have a chance to sit down and look at the -- references aft
the american flag you suicide of the u.s. embassy. >> let's get the latest from our own gregg palkot who joins us live from london. a lot going on. what's the update? >> we were just speaking with a yemeni official. he tells me in fact the perimeter walls the security core done around the u.s. embassy in the capital of yemen have been breached by protestors. he says there was damage done to the embassy grounds. he says the situation is under control. as you noted there was damage done the flag taken down. some injuries some destruction to u.s. property in that area. that is happening while we were also watching in cairo egypt were protests have gone on through tonight into today. police trying to deal with that situation now firing tear gas into a crowd. the anger in yemen and cairo and the anger we are hearing about from other countries as you hear about stemming from the movie "made in the u.s." seen as critical of the muslim prophet mohammed. one of the motivations it is thought behind the violent assault on the consulate in the u.s. on tuesday which resulted in the death of the u.s. ambass
to america. the spike in violence coming as hezbollah calls for more protests in the mid eels. gregg palkot joins us more with more on the situation there. good morning, greg. >> ainsley, heather, we had a transmission difficulty the last couple of minutes. they continue to spread out in tunisia as well because of the muslim film. the latest reports we are seeing is that they are beginning to die down. they happened near one of the main u.s. bases near that city. a lot of rock flowing a lot of cars being burned. this comes after violent froess in pakistan in the business capital of karachi. protestors breached a security barrier went right up to the main walls. the word we are getting from the consulate there is all u.s. people were safe there was casualties among protestors. new call from protests coming from hezbollah leader ordering his folks out on the streets today in beirut. he said he waited for the pope to leave. the pope was in over the weekend. the u.s. is working only on emergency basis. staffers and family members have been evacuated over the weekend. this on orders of the state
on the street: exposure. gregg greenberg is a reporter with the gregg what u.s. companies are exposed to these kinds of chinese manufacturers? >> well, apple may be the biggest and best known but it's certainly not alone. hp, dell, samsung, sony, all of these employ services to make their products. >> tom: losses of electronic manufacturers that you list there we've seen these labor issues flare up, certainly over the past several months, working conditions, working hours, pay. what is the expose through-- exposure that these u.s. companies have there? >> well, it's tremendous,-- bo boxcondoes a lot of business with powerhouse f people want iphone cheap they have to use foxcon. the thing is that apple c.e.o. tim cook said he would like to have more manufacturing in the united states. but it's just not feasible. and it's not just because of cost either. they have a lot of flexibility there, and so if they need to add or subtract a shift or need to add a component, they don't have to check with the unions or epa, they just do it. >> tom: so that leads to the question how cap
or anything of broader interest? gregg's assistant general manager for power. it is largely weather-driven. >> does that mean that we will be changing our estimates in the future? or is that just this year? >> i'm sorry, changing our -- ? >> estimates. >> yes. we always cast back to forecast our future needs. whether that is something we will have to adjust for, but yes, we will take a look and verify our understanding of the differences. it is largely weather-based. if there is a performance problem, then we are not out money. the contract terms protect us from that. >> i thought it was not an issue that even in heavy fog would generate enough. >> we do generate electricity. just as on an overcast day you can get sunburned and generate electricity, but it is not as efficient. we only pay the power producer for the kilowatt hour per meter. we pay based on what we are projecting. it produced less, so that means we are paying less, but that means we are whole and not harmed. >> and the other item is our standard water system and program report. >> good afternoon, commissioners. in my
and the rest of the week. >>> gregg l. fan in for vern glenn >>> bad news for the silver and black writers lose a big-name player on gary gelfan the trojans rolled out of palo,,,, okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. this is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage card with special perks on united. >>> pat 12 ply under way tonight for two top 25 teams stanford at the test tonight they posed number two u.s. c, a sellout stanford stadium 14-7 u.s. c in second quarter both teams decided they did not want the ball. the trade interceptions on three consecutive plays, noon as waited a few plays before throwing the fourth interception. stanford down seven screen pass this guy has moves 23 yd touchdown to tie the ball game. taylor had 153 yds running to touchdowns. he drops b
. as a constitutional matter, we apply the professional standard to that clause. gregg's you think everything that -- the myriad of examples of what constitutes professional behavior by a public officer. >> i do not want to say. , but -- i do not want to say nereid, but broad. our brief explains this in greater detail about why we think this makes sense. i want to talk about one of the other legal arguments that the sheriff makes. this relates to the timing of the misconduct. we can look at the official misconduct and break it down into the elements. let me pass along to the commission another jury- instruction type of document. it breaks down official misconduct into its elements. all right, what we're doing is taking the general definition of misconduct at the beginning of the first sentence of our definition of official misconduct in the charter. we break it down into the four elements of official misconduct. the sheriff has made an argument that because he committed his misconduct -- or initiated his misconduct a week before his inauguration, that does not count. our response to that is s
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 133 (some duplicates have been removed)